Wedding Service

Arranging wedding documentation, organising a place to hold the ceremony, preparing a cost breakdown for the reception and other paperwork are just some examples of the tasks which can potentially get in the way of the bride and groom being able to simply enjoy their big day. Naturally there are other “small things” to think about such as taking care of appropriate styling for the bride, how to transport the wedding gifts etc. You won’t have to worry about a thing, however. That’s our job!


Some people have had their wedding day mapped out since time immemorial and only need to modify this ideal to fit in with their partner’s wishes.
For others, however, it’s a completely different story – whereby they only start to think about the matter once it actually becomes a reality. We’re here to give you a helping hand when it comes to finding wedding inspiration and have a fair few ideas up our sleeves about how your wedding day could pan out plus about possible venues.


Don’t shy away from originality and creative ideas. You can fully rely on us to support you and deliver the goods in this respect. Whether you fancy saying “I do” in a hot air balloon or on a top of the mountain, celebrating your wedding in retro, western or fairytale style, driving to your wedding in the longest car in the Czech Republic or having a ten-tier wedding cake or party in white.
All you have to do is click your fingers (in this case at us) and consider the job done!


You determine the level of remuneration paid to the agency based on how satisfied you are with our services. You only pay for the full wedding once it’s over. Upon placing your order for a bespoke wedding, we’ll happily sort out the following for you completely free of charge: arranging your documentation, putting together the initial proposal including the overall budget, providing you with a coordinator to accompany you throughout the process and creation of your own personal website.