Wedding date: 14. August

Lea & Stephen

14.8.2014 / Kaple Nalezení svatého Kříže
When we first started to plan our wedding, there were so many legal and legislative mountains to climb, but Soňa personally guided and led us along a very long and winding state and municipal government bureaucratic road.

Soňa worked very hard for us, especially for me being a UK citizen, with the recently changed law for the Letter of Non Impediment, which the municipal government did not at first recognise, but after her continual pressure, they finally accepted her arguments. Much to my relief, all the documents were signed, sealed and delivered well in time for the wedding date,

but Soňa never had any doubts that they would be ready. The whole wedding day from start to finish was outstanding. Soňa and her team left nothing to chance and it was wonderful the way everything was in place at each stage of the day. We and the guests had to do nothing except turn up at the chapel. Fortunately for me, Lea did! Soňa stayed quietly in the background throughout the wedding ceremony and the celebrations afterwards as everything was arranged perfectly, she only need to direct us and our guests at the different stages of the day.

I (Lea and I) can only say, once again, thank you very much to Soňa and her team, and to go on record personally and highly recommend Soňa, her company – Unique Wedding and her team to anyone wishing to use a wedding planner and want a professional, unique and flawless wedding.

Lea & Stephen

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